Is CBD a Good Option for Cancer Pain? Joseph Girouard Says Yes

Joseph (Joe) Girouard

July 4, 2021

Is CBD a Good Option for Cancer Pain? Joseph Girouard Says Yes

Joseph Girouard has been a proponent of CBD for years and believes that it could manage many potential diseases. For instance, he knows that many research projects are looking into CBD as a treatment for cancer. Could this simple oil help manage cancer symptoms or even be a potential cure? The research is still being done, but Girouard believes there is much promise here.

What Joseph Girouard Knows About CBD and Cancer Treatment

Over the years, Joseph Girouard has carefully followed reports on CBD and cancer, as more and more research discovers that it helps with nausea, neuropathy, depression, insomnia, and much more. While they are not shown to be better than over-the-counter medications, CBD oil treatments are on the same level. As a result, they may be a good alternative for those with medication allergies.

That said, the FDA has not approved any CBD treatments for cancer pain or suffering, alleging that more research needs to be done. However, that doesn’t stop people from using high-quality and potent CBD to alleviate many of their symptoms. But what about the potential for treating or curing cancer? Is it there yet?

Well, Joseph Girouard has found some promising studies that show CBD could be used to treat cancer tumors, though he also knows it is far too early to declare it to be truly effective. For example, a pair of 2014 studies found that CBD might help with the spread of colorectal cancer cells and for treating gliomas during treatment. And a 2010 study found it could help with some breast cancer cases.

More recent studies show even more promise. For example, a 2019 study showed that CBD could help to slow tumor growth and minimize invasion with pancreatic cancer. The results were also good for cell death, though one strong study does not prove a cure. Likewise, another research examination from the same year found that CBD could cause cell death in glioblastoma cells by making them more sensitive to radiation.

While all of these reports provide great hope, Joseph Girouard is reluctant to declare “Mission Accomplished” with cancer treatments using CBD. Caution and restraint are best in this situation because he doesn’t want to create false positives for people with cancer. Until more studies have been undertaken and CBD has been approved to manage cancer, it is best to avoid total excitement.

That said, he does believe that more studies will confirm many of the benefits that early examinations have found. And while it may not be a miracle cure for cancer, the many benefits of CBD could find it being integrated into various types of treatments very soon. At the very least, he is confident it will be used as a pain management tool and a way of helping people suffering from many other symptoms.